Compact Living

Compact Living

Compact Living is a series of articles dedicated to interesting ideas and designs of small yet functional living spaces – tiny houses, compact apartments, mobile homes – as well as space-saving furniture for such spaces.

Living in a small space is a growing trend of our days all over the world. More and more people are making their choice to live in a dwelling with modest proportions. There are many reasons for people to move into a compact home. In most big cities, lack of space and high real estate prices make it a necessity to live in limited space if a person wants a place without moving to the suburbs. However, there are many people who choose to live in a small space because they for many reasons want to. For example, they want to own an extremely functional home instead of having unused square meters that they need to look after, clean and repair.

Today, compact living spaces don’t have to be cramped. Smart design and advanced technologies can make such spaces spacious enough for normal living.

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Compact living:: Matroshka - transforming home furniture

Compact living:: Matroshka home furniture

Matroshka is a transforming multi-functional furniture system that acts as ‘four rooms in one’, providing the functions of the living room, bedroom, dining…