Compact Living:: 22 Sqm Apartment in Taipei by A Little Design

Due to the high housing prices in today’s megalopolises, the living space that people can afford has become smaller and smaller. However, this actual problem encourages architects to use every square meter in the most efficient way. This apartment in Taipei City is only 22 sqm, but the architects from A Little Design studio managed to arrange inside a living room, sleeping area, small kitchen, and a bathroom.

22 Sqm Apartment in Taipei by A Little Design

The client of the apartment has to frequently travel abroad for work, and all she needs when she returns home is a hot bath and a good sleep. So the architects first decided to replace the existing shower with a bath and found a place for a water heater. The washer was moved to the kitchen where the tiny refrigerator was also installed. The sleeping area is located on the mezzanine above the bathroom that was possible to arrange thanks to the 3.3-meter high ceiling of the apartment. Beside the bed, there is also a working area with a compact desk and shelves that continue to the living room above the wardrobe.

22 Sqm Apartment in Taipei by A Little Design

The living room is quite spacious as compared to other areas of the apartment. Besides the wardrobe, there is a podium with a tatami that occupies the place by the window, and two wooden tables that stand alongside the wall, acting as a long bar table. They also can be combined in the other direction and used as a dining table, as needed. The central space is left unoccupied for different activities and to make this tiny apartment look less cramped.

22 Sqm Apartment in Taipei by A Little Design

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YEAR: 2015
FLOOR AREA: 22 sqm (237 sqft)
PHOTOS: Hey!Cheese