“Diagonale” Apartment in Genoese Palace Designed by llabb

This bright apartment is located in Genoese palace, which was built at the beginning of 1900. The structure of the building and the apartment’s spatial composition reflected the way of living of that time and did not meet the contemporary lifestyle. Therefore the owner commissioned the Genova-based architecture studio llabb to redesign it.

The former layout featured a spacious living area with valuable finishings, while the night area and service rooms were cut in small spaces. The living area faced north-west, overlooking the street, and the small bedrooms faced south, overlooking the city and the Portofino promontory.

The architects overwrote the apartment’s layout, switching the living area with the more private night area. The two zones are separated by a long diagonal, equipped with a woodwork kitchen, fully concealed, that crosses the dining room and the living room.

The ceiling lighting and natural oak planks of the flooring emphasize the new guideline. These lines guide the guest from the entrance hall through the living room. The diagonal line crosses a unique space characterized by different depths, theatrical backdrops that define the use of areas. The full-height French doors result in a rhythmic pace of solids and voids, and in a continuity of perception with the exterior landscape.

“Diagonale” Apartment in Genoese Palace Designed by llabb

For the new living room, the architects achieved a clear-cut space. The structure of the tailored library is made with bars used for concrete reinforcement, painted in white. The shelves are made in natural oak wood. The light blue color guides and highlights the insertion of antique dark wood furniture.

The passion of the clients about antique furniture is also seen in the main bathroom, where an old table once used to make cheese is rethought as a vanity unit. In the bedrooms, the high-quality historical finishing is preserved to strengthen the two souls of the project: one more conservative and one more progressive.


LOCATION: Genova, Italy
YEAR: 2017
AREA: 140 sqm (1500 sqft)
DESIGN: llabb
ARCHITECTS: Luca Scardulla, Federico Robbiano
COLLABORATORS: Beatrice Piola, Letizia Lambiase, Floria Bruzzone
BUILDERS: Zena Costruzioni s.r.l.s.
WOODEN FLOORING: Effebi parquet Srl
PHOTOS: Anna Positano

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