‘ARCHIATRIC’ Series of Illustrations by Federico Babina

ARCHIATRIC is a new series of illustration by Federico Babina, a Barcelona-based architect and illustrator, in which he depicted psychic and mental disorders in forms of architectural objects. Babina believes that the psychic uneasiness presents in various forms and in small quantities in each of us. Through this series, he strove to make an illustrated reflection of the relationships between the creativeness and psychopathology.

Federico Babina: ‘In this series of images I make an abstract exercise of translation from one language to another, from the architecture of the mind to an illustrated architecture. It is quite true that architecture and the spaces that we live in influence our behavior and the psychopathology: who plans spaces plans attitudes, behaviors and emotional multisensorial experiences. In the same way the design of spaces is certainly influenced by large and small physical and mental disease or disorders of its creators.’

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