All-White Interior of the Le Manoir Boutique in Montreal by Tuxedo

The Canadian creative agency Tuxedo has designed a new interior of Le Manoir, an avant-garde boutique in Montreal offering beauty services, nail expertise, and exclusive fashion. The new all-white design is aimed to maintain a youthful image of the brand and expand the retail aspect of the business.

According to the designers, the main challenge of the project was to create an environment that would be flexible in functionality and allow for versatility and customization in terms of aesthetics. With a holistic approach, Tuxedo proposed a multiscale solution through work that incorporates everything from a considered new layout and spatial organization to a refined design, using millwork with sophisticated finishes.

In order to support Le Manoir’s multipurpose offering, the concept behind the floor plan was an open space layout with the welcome desk in the center of the space. This elegant, multifunctional core piece serves as a service area, a waiting area, and a retail space combined. The use of natural stone as a key texture elevates the brand’s image and establishes a sense of professionalism through a luxurious and polished feel.


OWNER: Émilie Sanscartier
LOCATION: Montreal, Canada
DESIGN: Tuxedo
PHOTOS: Maxime Brouillet

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