‘JOOOS Fitting Room’ Store in China by X+Living

The JOOOS Fitting Room store, located in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, integrates the top 100 fashion brands of the online retailer Tmall. Designed by the Chinese architectural practice X+Living, the interior of the store is divided into four thematic areas: Mori Girl Collection, Celebrity Collection, OL Collection, and Fashionable Girl Collection. These areas feature their own unique designs associated with different clothing styles and women tastes.

X+Living: ‘The designers integrate the social and cultural connotation of the four types of women’s brand clothing. The dressing philosophy of women’s clothing is interpreted through using different techniques in designing the four spaces, and, a new shopping experience is created through multiple possibilities of display.’

Right after the large arch on the main entrance, there is a Mori Girl Collection area. Milky white textured walls and white floor create a clean white space. This space is bright and concise. Primitive and simple materials are used to echo with the temperament of the type of clothes in this space.

The Fashionable Girl Collection area is a contrast of large blocks of colors where the colorful shelves are formed by folded iron bars. The weaving of colors and folded lines is used to build a colorful space with strong characteristics to echo with personalities of the clothes in this space.

The Celebrity Collection area features many delicate golden cages. Seen from a distance, they are like princess’s bubble skirts being well protected. Each fitting room area provides a make-up area, rest area, and selfie area, waiting for a visit of every princess.

In the OL Collection area, dark gray floor, concrete art paint walls, and frame track light make the whole space concise and reserved. While being decorative molding and multifunctional clothes hanger at the same time, every rack is a perfect combination of form and function.


LOCATION: Hangzhou, China
AREA: 1,850 sqm (19,913 sq ft)
DESIGN: X+Living
DESIGN TEAM: Liu Huan, Ren Li-Jiao, Jia Yuan-Yuan
PHOTOS: Shao Feng

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