‘Playground’ – Colourful Basketball Court in Italy by Gue

'Playground' - Colourful Basketball Court in Italy by Gue

As a part of Rigenerazione Urbana – a project of the redevelopment of the Carlo Carrà park in the Italian city of Alessandria – the Sicilian mural artist Gue has transformed a local basketball court into a colorful piece of art titled Playground.

Gue: ‘The idea borns from the possibility of being able to cross the field’s space, to stay inside the composition and change the perception of shapes through the game’s movement. It was important to consider the schemes of the designated areas, necessary for the game, but at the same time it was necessary to feel free to interact with shapes and colors.’

The choice of colors is motivated by a direct reference to the world of sport. The artist selected the color samples used for basketball courts, combined them, and added personal variants. The curves generate a compositional rhythm that marks and exalts the movement, amplifying the action and leaving a visual echo of the matches played on the court.

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Photos: Ugo Galassi

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