Chocolate Bar and Packaging Design for Beau Cacao

Founded by Bo San Cheung and Thomas Delcour in 2013, Beau Cacao is a London-based chocolate company bringing an exciting new twist to the burgeoning bean-to-bar chocolate scene by sourcing single estate cacao beans directly from growers in Malaysia.

To design a mold for the company’s chocolate bars, the founders invited the American designer and their friend Adam Gill. They asked for a design that would reflect the Malaysian origin of the cacao beans but also remain modern and unique. To meet the task, Gill drew inspiration from traditional Malaysian patterns, geometric architectural features, organic layering, and tessellation.

Adam Gill: ‘Working from the logo outwards I created a tessellating pattern comprised of triangles, diamonds, and parallelograms. These set out the deeper channels of the snapping grid, and a second pattern was overlaid defining additional detail. The points of intersection between the shapes define subtle undulations in the bar’s surface. The resulting relief contrasts against the hard lines of the pattern and produces fantastic organic specular highlights.’

The London-based studio SocioDesign designed the packaging for the first two chocolate bars – Asajaya and Serian. The geometric gold foiled pattern is inspired by traditional Malaysian fabric designs and reflects the distinctive molded shape of the chocolate within. Paper colors were chosen based on the flavor profiles of the chocolate – red to match smoky tobacco and paprika and yellow for caramel and brioche. This system of pattern and color provides a foundation for future iterations of packaging.


IDENTITY DESIGN: Camille Bozzini
PHOTOS: Bo San Cheung

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