‘Sweet Play’ by Elsa Lambinet

Especially for those who like delicious experiments, French designer Elsa Lambinet came up with the project that was titled Sweet Play. Gourmets now have an opportunity to compose desserts based on their preferences and fantasy. The project incorporates three types of chocolate units: dark, milk and white chocolate. Each of them could be combined with different stuffings and toppings: dark chocolate units have special holes for berries and fruit pieces, milk chocolate units – for nuts, and milk chocolate units have special places for liquid toppings like honey and jam. Furthermore, every unit has a special slot for slices of caramel, nougat, wafer or anything else.

Elsa Lambinet has recently graduated from the ECAL / University of Art and Design with a Master of Advanced Studies in Luxury. Sweet Play was her final project. The project was created in collaboration with famous Swiss chocolate maker Blondel. So there is a possibility that we could someday buy Sweet Play in a shop.

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