CCTV ‘Ink’ by weareflink /

CCTV ‘Ink’ by weareflink and

This amazing video commercial for CCTV was created by Chinese advertising company MMIA and two production companies – Paris-based and Hamburg-based weareflink. The story began in MMIA with the idea of commercial that represented a journey from traditional China to modern China, all made out in traditional ink and wash style. To render this effect MMIA approached and weareflink, whose director Niko Tziopanos had worked earlier with ink effect producing a commercial for Konzerthaus Dortmund called ‘Symphony in Red’.

‘Our team worked day and night to make this film happen within the tight schedule that we had,’ said James Hagger, an executive producer of ‘The film started from a low resolution animatic that would work as the skeleton of the film. Certain teams would then work on the different parts of the film from the 3D modeling, animation, shooting of Ink, integration of the motion capture, compositing and rendering. Niko and his team had to invent a workflow as the usual pipeline had to be adjusted to fit the different constraints and mediums used to create this film. But after six very hard working weeks the film took shape and came to life.’

CCTV “Ink” Making of


‘Konzerthaus Dortmund: Symphony in red’


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