Nendo Designed “Buckle” Wristwatch Consisted of Only Two Components

Nendo Designed “Buckle” Wristwatch Consisted of Only Two Components

There are many interesting wristwatch designs, but most of them feature the same basic components: a timepiece, a wristband, and a buckle that adjusts the length of the strap. However, the designers from renowned Japanese studio nendo decided that one of these elements is unnecessary and fused the timepiece and buckle together into one element.

This unconventional wristwatch is titled Buckle, and it is the third product designed by nendo for the TEN:TEN watch collection. The new design consisting of only two components combines the two different straps into one long belt, allowing users to easily adjust the length and fasten the watch on the top of their wrist rather than on the bottom.

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As well as other products of the collection, the belt can easily be removed and changed to different colors and textures.


YEAR: 2019
DESIGN: nendo
PHOTOS: Akihiro Yoshida

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