HER Fashion Store and Cafe in Hong Kong Inspired by Martian Landscape

HER Fashion Store and Cafe in Hong Kong Inspired by Martian Landscape

HER is a fashion store and cafe, which recently opened in the Fashion Walk of Hong Kong. It was launched by a stylist Hilary Tsui whose desire was to create a retail space for contemporary women and bring together her two passions – fashion and gastronomy – in one place.

To design the interior of HER, Tsui commissioned the Valencia-based studio CLAP. After several workshops with the client, the design team came up with the idea of a space which would plunge visitors to the atmosphere of other planets. The designers imagined the interior of HER as a stylized Martian landscape, with a series of geometric volumes depicting reddish mountains like on the Red Planet.

HER Fashion Store and Cafe in Hong Kong Inspired by Martian Landscape

CLAP Studio: “From the facade that shows the mountainous landscape of the interior to the moment when the user receives its purchase vacuum packed, makes shopping at HER as if it was a space trip experience. Two perfect arches covered with aluminum invite the user to enter to this new universe having one entrance to the take away HER Cafe and the other one directly to the store.”

The mountains can be used for both displaying the product and for sitting and relaxing after a shopping day in downtown Hong Kong. Small white lotus leaves grow from the mountains in order to highlight the product on display. All the coat racks are designed with a wavy profile that fixes the same distance between the hangers.

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The interior of HER is divided into two zones. The first zone is the most dynamic area where a sneakers island, activewear, and cafe are located. The second zone is the boutique area, with a large arch-shaped mirror where jewelry and accessories stands are exposed. In this boutique area, you can find independent clothing firms, such as Anais Jourden, Pushbutton, or Chance.


LOCATION: Hong Kong, China
CLIENT: Hilary Tsui
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Ana Mirats Studio
PHOTOS: Daniel Rueda

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