Hangzhou Neobio Family Park by X+LIVING

After the first Neobio family park in Shanghai, the Chinese studio X+LIVING has designed the recently opened Hangzhou Neobio Family Park occupying 8,000 sqm (86,111 sqft) on the first floor of the Star Avenue Phase II shopping mall. Following the designers, the aesthetic concept of the project was derived from the abstraction of scenario modes, which focused on the coordinated integration of colors and composition rather than style interpretation. The family park is located at the riverside, so the designers drew inspiration from natural views in the composition of the design.

Based on the original layout of the shopping mall, Hangzhou Neobio Family Park was divided into four major functional areas, each with multiple accessory spaces. This division took into account age groups, interests and behaviors of kids, while at the same time combining functions for entertainment, education and rest during parent-child activities. The reasonable circulation in the space makes it a comprehensive family park that integrates entertainment and education activities.

The design of the reading area was inspired by the image of the sun that shines after the rain. This area also features special wall structures designed not only to be used as bookshelves but also to allow kids to climb and run through the holes. The occupational experience area is designed as a tiny town for kids with a supermarket, a gas station, a bank, and other buildings. Comprehensive area for rest, dining, and entertainment is situated in the atrium of the shopping mall. The designers took parasol-shaped structures as main structures in this area, which strengthened the visual tension in the space and marked out the location of different functional spaces in the area. Seats dotted in the space including the carousel added a romantic atmosphere in the space.

Despite the project was defined as a parent-child activity center, the designers organized a water play area and party rooms. The main circulation and auxiliary circulations were designed in a way that maximized the use of the space and optimized the experience for consumers. All the furniture and lamps were specially designed and processed for the project, which ensured all the structures and colors were perfectly matched.


Hangzhou Neobio Family Park by X+LIVING


AREA: 8,000 sqm (86,111 sqft)
LOCATION: F1, Star Avenue Phase II, Binjiang District, Hangzhou city, China
DESIGN TEAM: Ren Lijiao, Chen Xue, Qian Huilan, Fan Chen, Pan Xingchao
PHOTOS: Shao Feng

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