Neobio Kids Restaurant in Shanghai by X+Living

Those who have dinner with children know that they strive to leave a table as quick as possible and start to play. At the same time, their parents usually want to chat with each other or with friends. So the designers from the Chinese studio X+Living have designed a restaurant in Shanghai that could meet the needs of both parents and children. In fact, most area of the restaurant is a large playground, so kids can play right after dinner while the parents can look after them eating or chatting.

The design concept was born from the imaginary picture – a colorful air balloon that rises over an ancient castle. The castle here is a symbol of a strong power that carries a new life while the balloon, which is the designers’ metaphor of life force, represents child’s vitality.

Under each balloon, there are different kinds of pools where kids could have fun: some of them are filled with bubbles, some with sand, toys, etc. The pools are connected by crawlways through which kids can crawl from one pool to another. These crawlways are winding and wavy, so kids can have fun while climbing and crawling. Some climbing ladders might reach up to two meters high and then descend to the next pool so that the parents can walk under the crawlways. Finally, the dining tables are arranged around the pools as well as the crawlways are made from transparent acrylic, allowing the parents to look after their children while they are playing.


DESIGN TEAM: REN Lijiao, LIU Huan, Justin, FAN Chen
LOCATION: Shanghai, China
AREA: 500 m2

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