Compact Living:: 33 sqm Apartment in Taipei by Phoebe Sayswow Architects

This tiny apartment located in a residential tower in the Muzha district of Taipei is a gender-neutral guest house prototype for people who enjoy smart living in a metropolitan city. The Taiwanese studio Phoebe Sayswow Architects utilized its double-height ceiling to add a mezzanine level and increase the floor area to 33 sqm (355 sqft). As a result, the apartment has three different levels comprising a living room, a kitchen, a dining area, a bathroom, and a sleeping area.

The open plan provides more light and creates more interesting relations between different areas inside the apartment. The design utilizes the combination of clean white surfaces and birch wood. In addition, the lower level also features white glazed tiles with pale pink grout. ‘Birch wood gives a sense of warmth and lives which calms people while the white glazed tiles is about pepping up spirits and rinsing one’s mind,’ said the architects.

The two lower levels are connected by a wide stair. This stair also acts as a bench providing extra seating for the dining area. The white rolling ladder connected the living room with the sleeping area on the mezzanine level can be used for seating too. Phoebe Sayswow Architects: ‘The three dimensional levels of seating encourages a dynamic conversation within the flat. Our intention again is to create a cozy and fun living experience with no gender differences only to serve the user’s need in a more uplifted fashion.’

Compact Living:: 33 sqm Apartment in Taipei by Phoebe Sayswow Architects

This article is a part of the ‘Compact Living’ series. You can read about other designs of compact houses and apartments on this page.


DESIGNERS: Phoebe Wen, Shihhwa Hung
LOCATION: Muzha, Taipei, Taiwan
COMPLETED: April 2018
FLOOR AREA: 30 sqm (323 sqft)
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