Coffee Cups Made from Used Coffee Grounds by Kaffeeform

Over 20 million tons of waste coffee grounds are thrown away in the world every year. Is there any way to reuse this good natural resource? There are many tips on the Internet how to use coffee grounds in your home or garden, but German designer Julian Lechner went further and invented one more way of their use – coffee cup production.

Lechner and his company Kaffeeform produce coffee cups of innovative material made from used coffee grounds from local coffee shops of Berlin and a special recipe of biopolymers. This sustainable material, awarded with the Red Dot: Best of the Best Design Award in the category materials, make the Kaffeeform cups light, long-lasting and dishwasher friendly. Each cup also features the beautiful dark marbled surface that reminds us of wood and lovely coffee scent.

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Kaffeeform produces cups for espresso and cappuccino. This year as a response to the growing environmental issue caused by the increasing use of plastic and paper cups (According to the International Coffee Organization, roughly 600 billion paper and plastic cups are distributed worldwide each year), the company launched the new product – WEDUCER cup. The design took inspiration from classic take away cups. The grooved surface is reminiscent of cardboard and strengthens insulation and grip.

All the Kaffeeform’s coffee cups are available in the Kaffeeform webshop and at an increasing number of selected partners and coffee shops worldwide.


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