Where to Stay in Swiss Alps – ‘Null Stern’ Open-Air Hotel

After the world’s first zero-star hotel located in a former nuclear bunker, the Swiss artists Frank and Patrik Riklin and their business partner Daniel Charbonnier have opened a conceptual hotel right on the Göbsi summit (1,200 m / 3,940 ft above sea level) in the Swiss Alps. The hotel titled the Null Stern (which translates as zero stars) comprises only one open-air double room. It has no walls and roof, only the floor, several pieces of furniture, and a breathtaking view of the surrounding hills, mountains, and sky.

There is no hotelier in the classical sense of the term – the hotel is operated by local residents, the Modern Butlers, uniformed in a white shirt, a black bow, and white gloves. ‘The Modern Butler is one of the links between the traditional hospitality world and the concept “Null Stern – the only star is you”. He encapsulates the essence of the concept which is to place people at the center of the experience,’ said Daniel Charbonnier. The Modern Butler’s training assures the quality of services in natural conditions: for example, carrying a serving tray in steep slopes, climbing over a fence while holding two cups of coffee or transporting bed mattresses up to the summit.

The room is active only in dry weather conditions. If it rains, the bed is covered by an agricultural protective tarp and the Modern Butler assists guests to move to a Swiss alpine hut (with a toilet) located approximately 100 meters (328 feet) away. Guests can also call the Modern Butler during the night if it starts raining and he will arrive promptly to assist them.

The vision of the Riklin brothers and Daniel Charbonnier is to anchor the Null Stern history in Switzerland by creating a hotel room in every tourist region as temporary installations in the middle of natural surroundings. ‘Switzerland becomes the hotel and the walls are the landscape,’ explained Daniel Charbonnier. The objective is to use this concept to highlight and introduce different regions of Switzerland to the world with cooperation from partners and tourism associations while connecting the local residents with the guests.


LOCATION: Gönten, Switzerland
AUTHORS OF THE PROJECT: Frank and Patrik Riklin (Atelier für Sonderaufgaben), Daniel Charbonnier
PHOTOS: Null Stern, Claudio Baeggli

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