‘The Red Planet’ Kids Playground in Shanghai by 100 architects

The Red Planet is a public space intervention in one of the largest shopping centers of Shanghai, resembling both an architectural installation and kids playground. It was designed by the Shanghai-based studio 100 architects to turn a conventional circulation area of an open-air retail street into a lively public space that would attract both adults and kids and encourage them to interact with each other.

100 architects: ‘Our proposal arose from a SURREAL approach, from the intention of breaking the conventional rules of perception, of what is already conceived as reality, in order to trigger kids’ imagination and creativity as well as immersing them in a colorful experience. An unexpected place for passersby.’

The Red Planet features a bubbling basketball field which acts as a surreal playground, providing an artificial topography for playing, climbing, sliding, sitting, laying, and many other activities that kids can imagine. To enhance the narrative of the environment, a bent basketball basket was introduced, hosting LED lights to illuminate the area.

Other features, including a racing track defining the border of the installation, chalkboard pyramids as both obstacles and creativity platforms, benches for parents, and other random games, complement the range of fun activities that both kids and adults are able to undertake.

The monochromatic treatment, with shades of red, was also applied on top of existing urban furniture and decorative elements from the place, aiming to generate a more immersive experience on the surreal red planet.


'The Red Planet' Kids Playground in Shanghai by 100 architects

'The Red Planet' Kids Playground in Shanghai by 100 architects


LOCATION: Life Hub @ Daning, Shanghai, China
DESIGN: 100 architects
PHOTOS: Amey Kandalgaonkar

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