Paulig Kulma Café in Helsinki by Bond Creative Agency

The international creative agency Bond has created a complete customer experience based around coffee for Paulig, the leading coffee brand in the Nordics. Located in Helsinki, the designed space includes a café, a coffee roastery, and a barista institute.

Paulig wanted to appeal to the younger consumer and create a concept that would bring the brand closer to new customer groups in a credible way, actively be a part of Helsinki’s culture, and enable changing content. The challenge was containing a great variety of functions within a limited space without causing confusion about the concept. The design language, textures, and colors, as well as the graphic elements, were kept consistent throughout the environment to limit the amount of visual noise.

Bond Agency: ‘We created a complete café experience, that has coffee in the center of the concept in an inspiring and unexpected way. Paulig Kulma is a fresh and diverse urban place designed for different customer groups and needs throughout the day. The identity blends in with the spatial design and communicates the Paulig brand in a fresh and distinguishable way.’

The Helsinki-based designer Lucas Zanotto also crafted a miniature art installation for this project placed inside the glass box on the table. The installation illustrates the process of coffee production from bean to cup, and every visitor of the café has a chance to shoot a short film based on this story by mounting a mobile phone on the small camera dolly and moving it from one side to another.

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