‘Pocket Universe’ of the 25hours Hotel Langstrasse in Zurich by studio aisslinger

The concept of a pocket universe became a central idea for the 25hours Hotel Langstrasse in Zurich, Switzerland. Inspired by an album title of the legendary electropop duo YELLO from Zurich, the Berlin-based studio aisslinger has designed the hotel that sees itself as a miniature cosmos, a jocular reference to its lively location at the heart of District 4, which is itself a little world of its own.

The 25hours Hotel Zurich is situated at the joint of Zurich’s pulsating and legendary Langstrasse and newly developed Europaallee quartier. It lies at the foot of the train tracks, in front of Zurich’s main train station, and its design playfully reflects the area’s contrasts between everyday life and red light nightlife, between art and commerce. The hotel offers a compact world for locals as well as the city’s guests, urban nomads.

The style of the interior can be described as an unconventional collage. The designers wanted the hotel to look as if it had been shaped by life, an acquired hotchpotch. ‘Everyday life, like the world itself, is a collage,’ they explains. ‘Today, no one lives in homogenous monochrome designed spaces, quite the contrary is true, a yearning for a combination of vintage, flea market finds, classics, inherited pieces, mixed with archetypical new designs. Everyone is the DJ to their own life and accordingly their interior. Therefore it seems more authentic to decorate a hotel in that manner too.’

The hotel has 170 rooms designed as comfortable sanctuaries and inspired by different worlds like Red Light, Bel Étage, and Penthouse. Throughout the hotel, there are pieces of furniture and accessories that are based on designs by Werner Aisslinger, like the sofas in the lounge area which were developed for this project in cooperation with de Sede. The metal sheet kiosk on the groud floor is set up in cooperation with the Zurich-based publishing company Kein & Aber Verlag and honors the tradition of the distinguished Grand Hotels.


LOCATION: Zurich, Switzerland
AREA: 6,500 sqm
OPERATOR: 25hours Hotel Company Zürich AG
TEAM: Dirk Borchering (projectarchitect / storytelling), Tina Bunyaprasit (creative director / storytelling), Werner Aisslinger (supervision / storytelling)
PRODUCT DESIGN: Tina Bunyaprasit, Nicole Losos, Werner Aisslinger
ARTWORKS: Tobias Rehberger, Veli & Amos, Nadja Stäubli, Luka Ivanović aka – Lukatoyboy

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