LeGrow – LEGO-Like Indoor Gardening System by Winmart Design

The LeGrow Smart Garden is a LEGO-style, stackable indoor gardening system, designed by the Singaporean company Winmart Design. Would-be gardeners and plants lovers alike can now grow a variety of plants indoors at home and in the office easier than ever. With a modular design, LED growing lamp, and 360° humidifier, growers can control their plants’ ecosystem.

A fully controllable indoor garden has been a long time coming and is already being well received by plant enthusiasts. Model, author, and sustainability advocate Summer Rayne Oakes of Homestead Brooklyn commented: ‘I [love] seeing innovation in home gardening systems; shows that there is a shift underfoot, particularly as more of us move to cities and want a little connection with nature.’

This connection with nature was the driving passion behind industrial designer, Haobin Lin’s, desire to create the LeGrow Smart Garden: ‘After the birth of my daughter I started to wonder how to relate nature to our modern lives and bring it back into our homes and offices.’

The growing pots are standard-sized plant pots shaped as cubes. These cubes can act as LEGO blocks, allowing for owners to stack and expand their gardens into a variety of shapes and designs. A dual-bulb LED Grow lamp provides ample light to nourish multiple plants within the garden in low-light and no-light environments. And an integrated timer automatically shuts off after 6 hours to prevent over-exposure.

Modern climate control systems in most workplaces often strip moisture from the air to cool down our offices. Unfortunately, this moisture is needed for healthy plant growth. The Smart Garden solves this by including a humidifier that diffuses water within the garden. The gardening system is also rounded out with a Power Pot that has a 4-port USB base that allows charging all portable devices right from a workspace.

To support its newest project, Winmart Design has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter that has already achieved its goal.

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