D.Throne S Premium Electric Kid Car

D.Throne is not ordinary car manufacturer – the company builds premium electric cars for kids. To design its third-generation model — D.Throne S — the car maker has involved the Korean industrial design firm Joongho Choi Studio.

The exterior of the third-generation model is based on the style of classic handmade cars of the early 1900s. Despite the fact that the D.Throne S looks like a large toy car, it features advanced technologies and premium materials like handmade leather for the seats. A fender structure attached to each wheel not only reminds of vintage cars but also secures the safe use of a car.

The new kid car is designed with parents in mind so that they are able to assist children in driving, occupying a rear seat of the car. To prevent the adult driver from falling over, the designers gave special attention to car’s weight distribution. Parents can also activate different modes on the smart controller and turn the D.Throne S into a motorized or non-motorized stroller.

Joongho Choi Studio: ‘The third-generation model can be converted into different vehicle types by using of two seats, a smart controller, and a board that can be operated aboard by the children’s parents in three driving modes. To have these various functions possible, the structures of the design and appearance have been delicately constructed and engineered using advanced technology during the entire electric car development process.’

D.Throne S Kids Electric Car by Joongho Choi Studio


D.Throne S Kids Electric Car

D.Throne S Kids Electric Car

D.Throne S Kids Electric Car


CLIENT: D.Throne
DESIGN TEAM: Hyunsoo Choi, Taeno Yoon

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