‘Put Your Head into Gallery’ – Interactive Art Project by Tezi Gabunia

Tezi Gabunia, a contemporary artist from Georgia, has recently presented his new interactive art project that gave visitors an opportunity not only to take a look at several famous art exhibitions but also become a part of them. Titled ‘Put Your Head into Gallery’, the project emphasizes the artist’s one of the main concepts of ‘falsification’ and triggers a dialogue with hyper-realistic issues.

Within this project, the artist produced several miniature copies of the famous galleries’ rooms of PVC, plexiglass and wooden paper where exhibitions of different artists took place. The project includes the works of Tezi Gabunia in Saatchi Gallery, paintings of Rubens in the Louvre, Damien Hirst’s works in Tate Modern, and works of Roy Liechtenstein in Gagosian Gallery. The project works in two phases. At first, following the title of the project, the visitors are encouraged to put their heads into these scaled models where they can take a look at one of the above-mentioned exhibitions. Moreover, they can take a photo on which their heads become exhibits, acting as giant hyper-realistic sculptures. At the second phase, the project continues to live on social networks, which provides an ability to reach a large audience in a short time.


Tezi Gabunia was born in 1987 in Tbilisi, Georgia. In 2008, he Gained BA in Architecture. Since 2011, he has produced over 100 paintings and over 20 series of installations. Tezi Gabunia focouses on contemporary cultural issues and practices in various field of art. He Collaborates with two functionally different teams. Conceptual team works on concept development, studies and research. Technical teams provides communications, project coordination, annotations, artwork production and other kind of technical support. Tezi Gabunia is a co-founder and a key member of CopyPaste.

Tezi Gabunia calls his method ‘falsification’, that is a reflection upon the basic features of the contemporary world – the absolute virtualization. Contemporary visual language studies provides handling and creation of mediums that itself originates a new generation of art. An artwork is a result of industrialized production, not creation. As the production process is completely industrialized, which makes massive production in a short time possible. This kind of attitude also abolishes artist a an original creator. Tezi Gabunia uses various mediums for producing and publishing his work. As the Internet is an important feature of contemporary lifestyle, Social networks, virtual dimension are one of the main mediums for the artist to exhibit his artwork.


CONCEPT: Tezi Gabunia, Ucha Urushadze, Nika Maisuradze, Dato Tsanava
MODEL: David Dolidze
RESEARCH: Dato Koroshinadze, Oto Shengelia
PTOTOS: Andro Eradze, Saba Shengelia, Chipo Pelicano, Giorgi Machavariani, Ani Beridze

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