Minipresso – Hand-Powered Portable Espresso Maker by Wacaco

Good news for all coffee lovers! Designers and engineers from a Hong Kong based startup company Wacaco have developed a portable espresso machine Minipresso that now makes it possible to enjoy espresso almost everywhere and at any time. Thanks to its modest dimensions (it is 17.6 cm or 6.95 in tall) and light weight (350 g or 0.8 lbs), the Minipresso can be easily carried in a bag or backpack.

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Unlike other portable espresso machines, this device is hand-powered. It works without electricity and doesn’t require N2O cartridges. The ease of use lies in its ingenious built-in semi-automatic piston that helps to achieve optimal extraction pressure after just a few pumps, injecting small quantities of water into the coffee adapter. The minimal distance between the water tank and coffee chamber avoids losing too much heat during water displacement.

A volume of a water tank is 2.35 oz or 70 ml which allows making one standard espresso cup. The company now have three models of the Minipresso: for ground coffee, for Caffitaly capsules and for Nespresso capsules.

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