‘ChocolaMixture’ – Sweet Project by nendo

Do you remember Sweet Play – a final university project by a French designer Elsa Lambinet that allowed to creatively combine chocolate units with different toppings or stuffings based on one’s fantasy and taste? A renowned Japanese design studio nendo has recently revealed a new project ChocolaMixture that featured a quite similar idea but had a funny and playful realization.

The designers shaped the chocolate units as tiny hollow flasks with white chocolate lids, which were specially fumigated to develop a cork colour. Five stuffings – freeze dried mango and raspberry, popping candy that bursts in your mouth, three coloured heart-shaped sugar and chocolate puffs with a unique texture – goes in cute miniature test tubes, and can be mixed inside flasks in many different variations. So a person can enjoy not only flavours but also a process of creating them.

'ChocolaMixture' - Sweet Project by nendo

Photos: Akihiro Yoshida

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