Rock It Suda by Moon Hoon

Sometimes we catch ourselves thinking that architecture become too serious nowadays. So we were happy when we came across this playful project of weekend houses that seemed contrasting with modern architectural trends. The author of this project is South Korean architect Moon Hoon. We have written about his another project Go.mir that also had an uncommon appearance.

The project began when one of Moon Hoon’s clients, the 40-something leader of the amateur rock band ‘Rock It Suda’, wanted a pension that would double as a super playground. He asked the architect to discard the signature wooden-weekend-house formula. The client’s suggestions for the project were inspired by the intense and mesmerizing impressions he had brought back from his trip to Spain. ‘I could’ve gone metaphorically with the Spanish theme,’ says Moon. ‘But this image of big horns, like those you’d see at a bullfight, suddenly popped into my mind. I wanted to turn it into a collage and apply it directly to the structure.’

The design includes six habitable units and a cafe building, where the band performs live on a regular basis. Each unit has its own unique identity – car, plane, bull, Barbie doll – accompanied by a vibrant colour that gave the units their names: Ferrari Red, Stealth Black, Spanish Blue, Flamenco White, Barbie Pink and Oriental Gold. From the outside, they together look like a team of cartoon heroes, or any funny creatures. They even have tails that move in the wind or when someone plays inside.

‘The moment I mounted those giant horns on the walls, I felt as if the entire structure had come alive,’ explains the architect. ‘I am intrigued by virtual space. I like the think of buildings hovering above the ground, flying around. Take a look at the nets and hammocks I have installed inside these structures – I call them “softies” or “action architecture”. They have a great potential for movement, interaction, evolution.’


Barbie Pink


 Stealth Black


 Spain Blue


 Oriental Gold


 Ferrari Red


 Flamango White





LOCATION: Gangwon-do, South Korea
PROJECT AREA: 47,194 sqm
DESIGN TEAM: Kim Suki, Jo Jeong Ho, Lee Kyung Ho
PHOTOS: Moon Hoon, Kim Yong Kwan, Yeum Seung Hoon, Yu Ho Jeong

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