Go.mir Guest House by Moon Hoon Architects

This uncommon-looking building is located on the South Korean island Jeju, a popular in this region tourist destination. Designed by a Seoul-based architectural practice Moon Hoon Architects, it was titled Go.mir which can be translated as Go’s Dragon. Go is a client’s surname, and dragon symbolizes the famous tourist site Yongdoam – a basalt formation that is situated just five minutes walk from the building’s plot. Looking like a dragon’s head, Yongdoam became the main source of inspiration for the architects and departure point for the new design.

Functionally, Go.mir can be divided into three main parts: guest house, coffee shop, and client’s home. The building is designed as a simple and dense block with a small atrium in the middle that provides light and ventilation for the guest house. The architects arranged the entrance to the guest house at the rear to isolate it from busy traffic. On the ground floor, there is a lobby and three small rooms with private bathrooms. Two floors above contain six bigger rooms with shared bathrooms, kitchen/dining room and living room/library.

On the roof, there is an open red-painted terrace with a wide stair that can function as a cinema or a music hall. The resembling dragon’s head viewing platform raises one floor up from the terrace to provide spectacular views of the sea and the mountain. The narrow leading stair can bring about an experience of ascending and anticipation. Also, the Jeju International Airport is only five minutes away from Go.mir, so the guests can watch the landing planes from the viewing platform.



Architect: Moon Hoon Architects (Moon Hoon)
Project team: Kim suk hee, Park jeong uk, Song jun eui
Location: 4, Yongdam-ro 7-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Korea
Programme: Caf? + House + Guest house
Site area: 391 m2
Building area: 168.67 m2
Gross floor area: 408 m2
Building scope: 3F
Height: 10 m
Parking: 4
Building to land ratio: 43.14 %
Floor area ratio: 104.35 %
Structure: RC
Exterior finish: epoxy finish
Interior finish: paint on brick, epoxy finish
Structure engineering: SDM Structure, Hanuri Structure
Construction: GAU Architecture & Construction
Mechanical/Electric engineer: Chunghyo engineering
Design period: Sep. 2013-Feb. 2014
Construction period: Feb. 2014 – Oct. 2014
Budget: 600 million KRW
Client : Go young suk
Photos: Nam Goong Sun, Kim Jae Kwan

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