Berlinetta Lusso – classic Italian coupe by Touring Superleggera

Taking inspiration from the golden era of Italian fuoriserie, specialists of a famous Italian coachbuilder Touring Superleggera turned Ferrari F12berlinetta into a new model – Berlinetta Lusso. Only five bespoke units will be produced, the first was unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show 2015.

The luxury touch is expressed by the apparent separation of volumes: a long bonnet evoking the powerful V12 engine, a cockpit resolutely designed for two, and a discrete trunk for precious luggage.

‘We devoted time to glorify the perfect proportions, the hallmark of Touring Superleggera design. There’s no need to conceal or overdesign. Nowadays, we concentrate our energy into the most significant activity: the validation of volumes and proportions. We keep applying the original Touring design philosophy: the volume defines us and shows us our path’ – so Louis de Fabribeckers, head of the design team.

Berlinetta Lusso - classic Italian coupe by Touring Superleggera

There are evident Touring traits in the surface treatment too, like the unmistakeable waistline edge springing from the front wheel arch and embracing the body till its muscular rear. This shape can only be reproduced through manual hand beating of aluminium sheets.

The exterior paint chosen for the Touring Berlinetta Lusso is Azzurro Niourlague, a hint of Mediterranean sea in a sunny and windy day. The chilly shade contrasts with the interior, featuring a cocoon of slightly darker blue just split by a cream-coloured band all around the cockpit and sumptuous seats with their refined blue stitching.

All unnecessary or distracting items are removed to help the driver concentrate on the driving experience. Touches of hand-brushed aluminium are a reminder of the craftsmanship involved in construction.

Berlinetta Lusso - classic Italian coupe by Touring Superleggera

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