Playing Cards for Creative People by Ilya Kalimulin

Playing Cards is a personal project of a Russian graphic designer Ilya Kalimulin that he has realized during his spare time. Describing the project, Ilya writes: ‘This time, I drew and made playing cards for designers, creative people and those who are interested in design.’ We only add here that a well-designed deck of cards can be interesting not only for creative persons, but it could also act as a nice gift.

Ilya designed his playing cards in a popular nowadays flat style, with a limited color palette, clear lines, simple fonts and symbols, and use of patterns to add texture to the images. The topic of the illustrations is modern too – Kings, Queens and Jacks turned into photographers, musicians and artists, theatres and exhibitions visitors, habitues of cafes and nightclubs, and other characters of a modern megalopolis. Different times – different costumes and backgrounds, but the roles remain the same.

Playing Cards for Creative People by Ilya Kalimulin

A limited edition of one thousand decks was printed in Finland on matte plastic. However, the most interesting fact about these playing cards is that everyone can purchase them from the author, writing him on

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