9/10 – Unconventional Variant of a Bird Feeder by Dorogaya

The most of us probably know that birds have a difficult time in frosts. That is why feeding the birds in winter is so important – they are not afraid of even extreme colds, being well fed. Usually, bird feeders are rather plain and are made ??from all sorts of everyday items – plastic bottles, for example. However, Ukrainian designers from the studio Dorogaya created a very interesting variant of a bird feeder. They titled their project 9/10 – just this amount of tomtits die during severe frosts.

The feeder is made as a small branch of about 30 centimetres long, on which several pieces of lard or any other birds’ dainties can be hung. However, its distinguishing feature is that it is provided with a suction cup that allows fixing the feeder right on a window. This creates the conditions for a very close contact of a human with wildlife.

Igor Pinigin, Dorogaya: ‘At my place, the feeder is fixed right on the kitchen window, about half a meter away from the dinner table, so very often tomtits and me dine together. Emotional component is an important feature of this project.’

It takes only a couple of minutes to mount the bird feeder and, being fastened correctly, it can hold all the winter. The particular value of this project is that such a designer feeder makes people want to get it and hang on window (I confess we also ordered a couple). Last year, the project 9/10 won the competition Design. New World 2013, receiving a jury prize and people’s choice award.

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