Serwus – Zapiekanka Bar by MFRMGR

Polish architectural practice MFRMGR (former Moko Architects) has designed the interior and facade of Serwus – zapiekanka bar in Warsaw, Poland. Word zapiekanka in Poland means very popular in the 90s local fast food which presents a baked baguette with various toppings – meat, vegetables, cheese and ketchup. At that time, zapiekanka was usually sold in market stalls or booths on the street.

The idea of the ??architects is actually based on the image of these traditional market stalls. The authors stylized for them five stalls inside the store, which also resemble from the sides traditional houses with sloping roofs. Each stall is designed for a specific process in the preparation of zapiekanka and customer service. Stalls are also painted in red and yellow – the colours of cheese and ketchup. This solution visually emphasized these elements and favourably revived interior.

Serwus - Zapiekanka Bar by MFRMGR

Red and yellow colour scheme also continues on the storefront. The architects left the former wooden window frames, though refurbished and repaired them. The authors also decided not to replace the old flooring, survived since the period preceding the Second World War, and even renovated a copper doorknob.



Project name: SERWUS – Zapiekanka Bar
Location: Warsaw , Poland
Designers / architects: MOKO ARCHITECTS / MFRMGR / Marta Frejda , Micha? Gratkowski
Collaboration: Pamela Krzyszczak
Logotype: Lange & Lange
Photography: Jakub Certowicz

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