City View House by Russian for Fish

Owners of this unusual apartment in London are Pereen d’Avoine from London-based architectural practice Russian for Fish and her partner Mathew Witts, also an architect. In 2010, they purchased the studio of 84 square meters, which previously served as a bakery, and replanned it to their needs.
Since the existing studio was lit up only by two windows from one short side, the apartment was quite dark. Therefore, the architects inserted another window on the opposite wall. They also planned a separate bedroom with its own dressing room and toilet, extended the mezzanine and replaced the ladder with a staircase.
As a result, there is a very interesting apartment with rather unconventional planning solutions. For example, a common room, which includes living, kitchen and dining zones, stretched lengthwise as a kind of corridor and is crossed almost in the middle by a sofa. However, the room does not seem narrow or confined. On the contrary – it is light and airy. Partly, this is due to a ceiling of 3.5 meter height, light finish materials and to the fact that the room is not overloaded with furniture. However, a bold chequer board pattern of the floor, designed to widen visually the space, plays an important role in this effect too.

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One reply on “City View House by Russian for Fish”
  1. says: Aleksandr James

    Very interesting! Nicely converted space made more liveable.

    Also very interesting name for the company.
    I presume a play on RIBA as in the Royal Institute of British Architects. Which also (as a halfbreed Russian) I know, happens to be the word for fish.

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