‘Hate Mail’ project from Mr Bingo

Nowadays people receive paper post very rarely (business correspondence does not count). Of course, this fact doesn’t cause any inconvenience for the most of us, but the London-based illustrator Mr Bingo, on the contrary, was very worried by it. Undertaking the mission of returning paper post in our lives, Mr Bingo has launched a project that he titled Hate Mail. The idea is very simple – by sending forty pounds to the author you receive a real paper vintage postcard with… an offensive illustration. Just so, that’s why the project is called Hate Mail! However, the pictures are so funny and original that they can offend only people with a complete lack of sense of humour.

The project became very popular almost immediately. So much that the author even had to temporarily close the service. Having made and sent over 600 postcards, Mr Bingo published a book in which he featured 100 of his favourite works.

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