Music video:: Experimental music video by Dad Adouk

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Music videos:: Experimental music video by Dad Adouk

‘Things Adi found in a drawer of an abandoned hotel room’ is the first collaborative project of experimental musician Muradyan and collagist Dad Adouk being at the same time his debut as a video artist. Mesmerizing track unravels as a riddle to solve; it even leaves us undecided whether this is a music video or a video art piece using original music.

Dad Adouk claims that the idea of the video deemed on him before the piece got its name. He has always been intrigued how does a spectator find connections between virtually unlinked objects reconstructing some story behind them. Finding invisible but substantial links between objects has been Dad Adouk’s principle when creating his collages as well.

Track by Muradyan was recorded with one take without further editing or mixing: a technique he has been using for some time by now. Muradyan explains that by this composition he demonstrates how his music is being created with odd sounds getting together in one whole piece. Muradyan reckons that Dad Adouk has implied the same principle in his video so well that now a viewer can’t be sure who is being illustrated by whom.


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