Kolelinia Introduces Third Version of Its Compact Urban Tricycle

Do you remember the Halfbike? This compact and light urban tricycle by Bulgarian start-up Kolelinia blew up Kickstarter several years ago. Raising a little less than one million dollars, the Halfbike became the most funded Kickstarter vehicle to date back in 2015. Recently, Kolelinia has introduced the latest version of Halfbike and revealed the true story behind the project, or what it takes to walk against the mainstream trends in the bike industry and keep a business fair and sustainable.

Kolelinia claims that the Halfbike is a new type of urban vehicle. It uses the basic driving mechanism of a standard bicycle. Everything else, however, is redesigned. It brings you closer to natural walking and you control the vehicle with your whole body, not just your hands. Shifting the rider’s body weight to either side makes the vehicle turn. The result is an intuitive flow-like motion – similar to the one in skiing.

“The difference between riding a road bike and a Halfbike is the difference between walking and dancing – riding the Halfbike is a whole-body feeling of flow motion,” says Eric Kalin, a Halfbike ambassador, USA.

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The third modification of the Halfbike was refined and optimized in every detail. “See the world from a new perspective. The Halfbike redefines the way you interact with your city,” says the slogan of the new Kickstarter campaign. The new tricycle got lighter and more compact, and now it features a quick release system for even easier folding.

Kolelinia tweaked Halfbike’s geometry and proportions, making it more ergonomic, user-friendly, and maneuverable. It has more gears and increased gear range. This makes the Halfbike better suited to anything a city could throw at it. You can now ride comfortably on even more diverse terrain. A new state-of-the-art hub by Sturmey Archer makes all this possible. The Halfbike 3 also features a completely new braking system. The new integrated drum brakes are pretty much maintenance free and the performance will stay consistent with time, and in all weather conditions.

The Halfbike 3 is available on Kickstarter. Shipping starts in June 2019 on a first-come, first-served basis. Prices start from $449 for early-bird pledges.


DIMENSIONS: 95cm (38in) x 29cm (12in) x 109cm (43in)
DIMENSIONS (FOLDED): 100cm (40in) x 29cm (12in) x 46cm (18in)
WEIGHT: 9kg (19.5lbs)
MAX RIDER HEIGHT: 195cm (6’5”)
MIN RIDER HEIGHT: 150cm (4’11”)
MAX RIDER WEIGHT: 95kg (210lbs)
FRAME: The frame is laser cut and made of aerospace grade aluminum
HANDLEBAR: High quality water resistant beech plywood
GEARS: Hub with four internal gears by Sturmey Archer
BRAKES: Drum brakes integrated in the hub
CRANKSET: Heavy-duty aluminum crankset with a hollow axle is used primarily for for downhill bikes
PEDALS: VP pedals
TIRES: Front tire 18” and rear tires 8” – Innova

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