ZONA Restaurant and Wine Bar in Budapest by POSITION Collective

ZONA is an original restaurant and wine bar in Budapest, designed by the Hungarian studio POSITION Collective. The design of ZONA combines and separates the two functionally different zones – the restaurant and wine bar – by dividing a single space into two clearly distinct areas with different colors, materials, and atmosphere.

The wine bar area is characterized by cooler and darker colors. The hot-rolled steel covers the wall, floor, and ceiling, as well as the construction of the bar counter and the wine storage wall. In contrast, the restaurant area features warmer and brighter color palette, offering a cozy and homely atmosphere. The rear wall is covered along its full width with mirror panels mounted at an angle to correct the inclination angle of the wall and at the same time reflect the special panorama of Pest.

POSITION Collective: ‘ZONA ensures a luxurious dining experience presented in a stylish, inviting and at the same time functional design. On the surface this space seems simple and calm but deeper underneath and reflected on the ripples there are exciting hidden depths.’

ZONA Restaurant and Wine Bar in Budapest by POSITION Collective


YEAR: 2013
LOCATION: Budapest, Hungary
SIZE: 85 sqm (915 sqft)
PHOTOGRAPHY: Georgij Merjas