‘Complements’ Modular Chocolate

Complements is a modular system of chocolates designed by the Australian agency Universal Favourite for their end of the year gifts. The project combines 3D printing, design, and amazing chocolatier chops of Sydney-based Bakedown Cakery. The idea was inspired by the complementary relationship between a client and designer.

Universal Favourite: ‘Wanting to create something outside the box that could be paired in endless combinations, we designed an original modular shape that was 3D printed into positives and then turned into chocolate moulds. We worked in collaboration with Bakedown Cakery to bring these modular chocolates to life. Universal Favourite created the look of the chocolates, experimenting with colour, finishes and patterns. Jen from Bakedown worked her magic developing the flavours and making the chocolates into the real deal.’

'Compliments' Modular Chocolate


DESIGN: Universal Favourite
PHOTOS: Amanda Prior

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