‘AirBnP’ Apartment in Budapest by POSITION Collective

This 30 sqm apartment in Budapest was designed by the Hungarian design studio POSITION Collective for two style-seeking Budapest travelers. The designers’ intention was to create a light and highly customizable space which would provide a maximum comfort for short stays.

POSITION Collective: ‘The whole project started with the idea to extend the flat neighboring the small apartment when it became available for buying. Then AIRBNB started to boom in Budapest (and also the city is very popular among tourists this year) and the owner came to the idea to create a minimal program airbnb flat but something that covers all the needs of 2 visitors for a short term stay.’

Having only 30 sqm of the floor area with structural walls between the bathroom and the living room, the designers decided to focus mainly on furniture solutions. The eye-catching plywood structure became a centerpiece of the new space, bringing a natural touch into a modern interior. This multi-functional structure includes the double bed, several storage units, kitchen equipment, and the modular wall system with adjustable shelves for different local Hungarian art and design pieces, books, and unique for foreigners home accessories.

For those who stay for a short period, there is no need to store all their clothes in a closed cabinet. So the designers installed a metal pipe along the opposite wall for express use while the rest of the clothes can be put in the storages of the bed.


'AirBnP' Apartment in Budapest by POSITION Collective

'AirBnP' Apartment in Budapest by POSITION Collective


DATE: 2015
LOCATION: Budapest, Hungary
AREA: 30 sqm
PHOTOS: Balázs Glódi

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