Futuristic Y-Shaped Weekend House in Taiwan by MVRDV and KAI Architects

Renowned Dutch architecture practice MVRDV, in collaboration with the Taiwan-based firm KAI Architects, has designed a 330 m2 (3,552 ft2) Y-shaped residence for those who want to escape the city and spend a weekend in a futuristic space. Titled Y House, the residence is a 40-minute drive between the oldest Taiwanese city Tainan and the sea.

The unusual shape of the building is formed by its space-planning decisions. To provide spectacular views of the surroundings, the more communal spaces of the Y House – living and dining rooms – are raised up on a four-floor stem while the bedrooms are located on the lower levels. On the rooftop, there is a private swimming pool cradled in the hollow of the Y shape. Both stairs and a lift give access throughout the house. Large circular windows puncture the concrete shell of the building, providing the interiors with light and air without interrupting the Y shape of the building.

The residence sits within a tranquil pool with small gardens and stepping-stone pathways, the positioning and orientation of which is all arranged according to the practice of Feng Shui.


LOCATION: Tainan, Taiwan
YEAR: 2014+
PROGRAMME: Private residence
SIZE: 330 m2 (3,552 ft2)
DESIGN TEAM: Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, Nathalie de Vries, Wenchian Shi, Hui-Hsin Liao, Ángel Sánchez Navarro, Diana Bibisheva, Antonio Luca Coco, Costanza Cuccato and Jaime Domínguez Bálgom and Matteo Artico
CO-ARCHITECTS: KAI Architects Tainan, Taiwan
PARTNERS: Structural Engineers – Envision Engineering Consultants, Taipei/Tainan, Taiwan
CLIENT: Wonders Information Co. Ltd

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