Lucky Knot Bridge in Changsha by NEXT architects

The Dutch-Chinese architectural practice NEXT architects has continued its unique series of bridges all over the world with an extraordinary 185 meters long and 24 meters high bridge across the Dragon King Harbour River in the Chinese city Changsha. Titled Lucky Knot, the bridge is a key project in developing the area’s public space, and was designed with recreational, ecological, and tourist activities in mind. It connects multiple levels at different heights: the river banks, the road, the higher-placed park as well as the interconnections between them. The final shape of the bridge is the result of knotting all these routes together.

‘The shape of the Lucky Knot was inspired by the principle of the Mobius ring, as well as by the Chinese knotting art. In the ancient decorative Chinese folk art, the knot symbolizes luck and prosperity’, says John van de Water, partner at NEXT architects Beijing.

Lucky Knot connects, illuminates and entertains. It offers a spectacular view of the river, Meixi Lake, the city of Changsha, and the surrounding mountain range. Thanks to its remarkable light show, the bridge is set to become a landmark attraction in the light route that traces the path of the Dragon King Harbour River.

Lucky Knot Bridge in Changsha by NEXT architects


TYPE / PROGRAM / PURPOSE: Competition, pedestrian bridge
LOCATION: Meixi Lake, Changsha, Hunan Province, China
SIZE / SPAN: 185 m
COST / VALUE: 50,000,000 RMB
STATUS: Completed
CLIENT: Municipality of Changsha
TEAM: Bart Reuser, Marjin Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers, Johb van de Water, Jurriaan Hillerström, Luuc Sonke, Jiang Xiaofei, Wang Jifei, Wang Yan, Zhou Tong
PHOTOS: Julien Lanoo

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