Compact Living:: Brandburg Home & Studio in Poznań by mode:lina

The architects from the Polish studio mode:lina have been commissioned to design a multifunctional apartment in Poznań for their friend Maciej Kawecki, an artist, designer, and owner of the Brandburg Creative Studio. Having only 37 sqm (398 sqft) of the floor area, they needed to create a comfortable place for living that would be at the same time a multifunctional design studio space for business meetings and creative workshops. Moreover, the new space had to have a hiding-room for their friend’s six years old son.

As a response to the most client’s needs, the architects designed a special two-level structure. On the first level, it houses a kitchenette and home office with a computer desk and mobile shelf unit, which can be pulled out to open the child’s ‘hiding-room’ with lots of toys. On the top of the structure, there is a comfortable full-sized bed, accessed by the ladder.

The rest of the space is left open. It features the large workshop wall, which provides adequate space for working with clients, and large mobile table, which can be used for business meetings as well as a dining table. There is also a place for Kawecki’s beloved bicycle with his company’s colors.

Compact Living:: Brandburg Home & Studio in Poznań by mode:lina

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PROJECT: Brandburg Home & Studio
DESIGN : mode:lina
PROJECT TEAM: Paweł Garus, Jerzy Woźniak, Kinga Kin
COMPLETION: August 2016
LOCATION: Poznań, Poland
AREA: 37 sqm
PHOTOS: Patryk Lewiński

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