Happiest Baby SNOO, the Smartest and Safest Baby Bed Ever Made

Happiest Baby SNOO, the Smartest and Safest Baby Bed Ever Made

Baby beds have been virtually unchanged over the past 1,000 years. So the company Happiest Baby, founded by the renowned pediatrician and child development specialist Dr. Harvey Karp, has launched SNOO, the world’s smartest and safest baby bed. The project was developed in collaboration with renowned industrial designer Yves Béhar, and MIT engineers.

SNOO is designed to reduce parents’ exhaustion by quickly soothing infant crying and boosting sleep with the same rhythmic sensations babies enjoy in the womb. SNOO’s smart technology responds to crying with increased shushing and rocking, choosing the level that works best for that particular baby, at that particular moment. Within days, babies become better sleepers, giving tired parents much-needed rest.

SNOO also helps infants develop healthier sleep habits and helps parents learn to read their baby’s cues, recognizing when crying is a sign of hunger versus the need for a bit more soothing. It comforts fussing from fatigue – often in under a minute – but not the cries of hunger or discomfort.

The bed comes with a game-changing new swaddle that securely attaches to the sleeper and prevents rolling over, making SNOO the safest baby bed ever made. Finally, parents can have the peace of mind that their newborn will remain on the back – all night long.

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‘Today’s new parents are stressed and exhausted. Many have no experience caring for babies and most have less family support than any generation in history,’ said Dr. Karp. ‘My greatest hope is that SNOO will give babies healthier sleep and give parents the confidence and rest they need and deserve. SNOO is the first of a series of science-based, smart products Happiest Baby is designing to help families thrive.’

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