Elwing, World’s Most Compact Electric Skateboard

Electric longboards are very fun to ride, however, being heavy and bulky, they are hardly suitable for everyday carrying. So the Elwing team has developed the prototype of an electric skateboard which is lighter and much more compact than all available e-board models. With the length of 31 in (79 cm) and weight of only 9,9 lbs (4,5 kg), Elwing can be easily carried under an arm or even in a backpack.

At the same time, Elwing can cover up to 7 miles (11 km) on one charge, which seems sufficient for everyday commuting. The silent 500W in-wheel motor allows the board to reach 18 mph (29 km/h) and climb hills with 10% inclination. And if the battery is discharged Elwing can be also used as a regular skateboard.

Elwing, World's Most Compact Electric Skateboard

To support the project, the Elwing team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and raised more than $85,000. So after finishing the campaign, the company will pass certifications and launch the production of their electric skateboards.


HUB MOTOR: 500W frictionless in-wheel motor
BATTERY: 90 Wh LG Lithium-ion
CONTROL: 2,4 Ghz RF with EASY / SPORT modes
DECK: 31 inches hard maple deck with kicktail
TRUCKS: Steel / Aluminum
WHEELS: 83 mm – 78A high rebound PU
BRAKES: Progressive regenerative braking
USB PORT: Standard charging plug

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