‘The Layering Movement’ Footwear Collection by Chengxu Tian

Inspired by 3D layering texture effect, a young Chinese designer Chengxu Tian has created a colorful footwear collection titled The Layering Movement. And despite this collection looks like being 3D-printed, it is actually based on the injection molding technique.

Tian worked on the project in collaboration with seven Chinese footwear factories. The traditional method was improved by using two electric ovens instead of one to heat the mold and a stronger press machine that allowed combining PVC and fabric without glue. As a result, the impressive raised patterns with the effect of 3D layering were created, individual on each shoe.

According to the Tian’s words, the objective of the project was to show the use of these new materials to make a collection, which included both women and men footwear. He also wanted to use this opportunity to research ‘how to push the boundaries of what is technically possible within a mass footwear production environment in China’.

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