Relief Abstract Paintings by Josh Sperling

These colorful compositions, created by a young New York-based artist Josh Sperling, are the original mix of abstract painting and relief sculpture. Composed of several carefully fitted, one to another, three-dimensional pieces, each artwork is the result of a quite complicated creative process.

The artist starts with an idea which takes shape on the computer (Sperling says that he doesn’t sketch by hand). Once the overall composition is finished each individual piece is designed to provide minimal weight and at the same time maintain strength. The resulting shapes are sent to a CNC machine to be cut out of plywood. The next step is stretching the canvas over the plywood piece. The artist does it by hand and without cutting the sidewalls. Sperling says that this is the most challenging part of the process. After stretching, he paints and varnishes the canvas with acrylics and finally attaches all pieces to assemble the whole composition.

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