Extension C – renovation project in Saint-Louis by Lo?c Picquet Architecte

Located in a residential area of Saint-Louis (France), this renovation project focuses on the thermal improvement of a workingclass house and on the creation of a small extension to its kitchen. To make economies on the budget, the extension is supported on the old concrete patio and gives it thus its dimensions. The framework of the extension had to remain light, that’s why the wood was chosen as the right material to build it.

The project approach is that the kitchen may be a part of the garden and vice versa. Thus, the entire ground floor is reorganized to enhance the projection of the kitchen into the garden. A large opening is also done on the northeast facade (this orientation does not require the set up of a special thermal protection because the sun disappears from the front in midmorning).

To create a connection that allows kitchen and garden to be part of one and other, a fully transparent wall was built with a large bay window with a frame, which applied from the outside, disappears completely inside. This ‘invisible wall’ is then punctuated with an opening for ventilation. The window seems to float in the facade since it is applied directly in the glass. This unique and revolutionary process was a real challenge in its implementation. This ‘invisible wall’ offers to people who see through it a surprise involving an unusual and sensitive experience.

To access to housing, a staircase was built on a concrete volume with sleek dimensions. Its texture and massiveness contrast to the glazing giving both a smooth harmony. The access building, made entirely of wood, is coated with larch cladding pierced by a multitude of stars, reflecting in an imaginary way the sky we can see at night through the kitchen.



Architect: Lo?c Picquet Architecte

Localization: 23 rue de l’Etoile, 68300 Saint-Louis (FR) Saint-Louis (68)

Status: individual accommodation, private order

Operation costs: 139.462,27 Euros nontaxed (heating replacement, electricity and kitchen not included)

SHON surface of the house: 268,00 m2 SHON surface of the extension: 11,00 m2 – Garage surface: 36,00 m2

Year: 2012

Photographer: St?phane Spach

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