Fabrique | Hacktion – Urban Design Hacking

Fabrique | Hacktion – urban design hacking

We always transform space around us and at the same time adapt to the environment. This way, we have built towns and cities, a modern habitat for humanity. Unfortunately, urban environment is not always comfortable for citizens in everyday experience. Just to solve this problem, three French students from Les Ateliers-Paris Design Institute came up with the project Fabrique | Hacktion.

The aim of this project is to form a new vision on urban space and, with the help of 3D printers and simple tools, make everyday experience more comfortable. Having noticed any shortcomings in urban environment, the designers invent simple objects to correct them. Being installed in an existing system of city functioning, these objects change people’s attitude towards familiar things. The authors call their works grafts and themselves – city hackers.

The interesting feature of the project is that every graft goes with a manual and a 3D model so everyone can join the project in improving the quality of urban space. A project’s website contains a map where the authors mark places in which they had their hands. At the present moment, there are only Paris and Berlin on the map, but this list will be undoubtedly expanding.


Fifty cents

Receptacle for coins for public coffee machines. Brilliant idea!

Fabrique | Hacktion – urban design hacking



Improved train ticket machine. A simple trapezoid makes travellers check from a long distance if the machine works.

Fabrique | Hacktion – urban design hacking


Porte manteaux

Simple hanger on a wall.

Fabrique | Hacktion – urban design hacking


V?lib en correspondance

Gluing sticker that indicates the way to the closest bike rental station.

Fabrique | Hacktion – urban design hacking


Cabine Electrique

Hand charger for mobile phones in a phone box.

Fabrique | Hacktion – urban design hacking



Little table for garden chairs.

Fabrique | Hacktion – urban design hacking


Journal de bord

Holder for newspapers in a subway train. Read and share with other passengers!

Fabrique | Hacktion – urban design hacking


Ticket – ticket – ticket

Sharing ticket box for used but still valid tickets in Berlin subway.

Fabrique | Hacktion – urban design hacking

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