Music video:: ‘Liars – Brats’ by Ian Cheng

One more music video with an unusual technique. Created by Ian Cheng, it has a rather simple plot – a hapless hunter is desperately trying to catch a subtle rabbit. I am not sure that the author strove to achieve this effect, but everyone who watches this video agrees that it gives a viewer a strong feeling of a nightmare, mainly because of general disorientation and characters’ stiff moves. Moreover, the target always escapes from the hunter no matter how hard he tries to catch it.



Director: Ian Cheng
Choreographer: Madeline Hollander
Producer: Christian De Vietri
Performers: David Yijae, Max Van Der Sterre, Ade Chike Torbert
Assistant animation: Mike Liu
Motion capture services: Motion Capture NYC, Steve Day, Henry Brito
Thanks: Patrick Daughters, Micaela Durand, Zelda Roland, Rachel Rose
Label: Mute

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