Music video:: Psychedelic motion works by WifiHifiScifi

Music videos:: Psychedelic motion works by WifiHifiScifi

Psychedelic motion works by WifiHifiScifi

The pseudonym WifiHifiScifi hides a name of Vanese Smith, who is also known as an electronic musician Pursuit Grooves. Under the name WifiHifiScifi she creates experimental music videos in which she transforms filmed objects to make them abstract shapes and movements.

‘I carry my camera with me at all times,’ says Vanese Smith, ‘especially during international travel, where I go often as a result of being a performing electronic musician. I have a degree in film but have focused the last ten years on music production. The video bug has bitten me again and I am now fully immersed in creating videos that enhance the details and give warmth to electronic music. As a video artist my focus is movement, color, texture and shapes. Psychedelic in spirit and organic in nature, I like to film everyday items and transform them into new visual concepts.’


Angina P ‘Godthab’


Dizz1 ‘Gone Soon’


SlowPitch ‘Mind Ctrl’