‘Magic Emotion’ concept eyewear by Yunfan Tan

'Magic Emotion' concept eyewear by Yunfan Tan

A young Chinese designer Yunfan Tan comes up with ‘Magic Emotion’ concept, an eyewear which helps people in expressing their emotions and brings some fun to face-to-face communication.


An author’s description:

‘When people communicate on internet, they always use vivid character-expressions. But in real life, it seems that people are not so good at expressing their emotions which causes misunderstanding and obstacle to communication. ‘Magic Emotion’ is designed for improving your emotion expressing so as to improve the communication and relationship with others. On the other hand, bringing the screen-based expressions into real life will make you feel relaxed and pleasure.’

'Magic Emotion' concept eyewear by Yunfan Tan

You can appreciate other works by Yunfan Tan on his Behance page:


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